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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hooray for Preschool!

Thank you to all parents, grandparents, and children who helped make our first week of preschool a lot of fun and a great success! We've kicked off our year with our theme "Swim into Preschool"! The children have made great progress in adapting and learning the routine at school. Our AM and PM classes are comprised of funny, charming, cute-as-a-button, energetic, inquisitive, enthusiastic little people!! It is going to be a fantastic and fun school year, I can tell already!

We like to keep our blog fun and light hearted to showcase our students' learning and discoveries in action. Without further adieu, here's some of this week's fun photos!

Curious morning friends check out our hermit crabs, Herman and Shelly, at the Super Fab Science Lab! 

Josie found the ocean blue play-dough and cookie cutters at the play-dough center! 

Clarabelle enjoys a puppet show with her new friends at the Puppet Center!

Delaney looooves all the bags and purses at dramatic play! 



Snack Time! 

Snack time in our classroom is a great experience that fosters independence in our students. The picture above is typically what our snack table looks like. The sign in the middle of the table is a menu. The children can "read" the menu using pictures, numbers, and words. Above, the menu has a picture of a cup of yogurt. It says "Take 1 cup", and it also has a picture of a banana that says "Take 1 banana". The children then serve themselves based on the choices and menu instructions. They also pour their own milk/juice! See the tiny containers with handles and a pour spout? They are perfect for little learners! If a child spills, they get their own paper towel, clean up the mess, and try again! 

During snack, our children are learning table manners ("Please pass the----), engaging in conversation, and understanding nutritional value of a variety of foods, and gaining self-help skills. Soon, we will add a snack helper, who will help prepare the snacks for the class at Ms. Schneider's Snack Shack! 

We also read The Rainbow Fish & made rainbow fish art!
 Come see our fish on display in the lobby near our room! 

Thank you all for a great week! Be sure to continue to follow our blog all year long!