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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Diggin' In!

We are really starting to dig into First Grade! Routines are falling in place, students are sharing their interests with me and all of their friends, and our little "school family" is really taking shape! For the beginning of the year, we are off to a great start!! It is such a joy coming to school each day and working with these adorable, talented, intelligent, and fun little people! Thank you for sharing your child with me---I love being a part of their first grade adventure! 

Check out some highlights from last week!

Here, Nolan is reading his "football words". 
These are the sight words that we must learn by sight---no sounding out, no hesitation....just know them automatically! As students progress through the levels, they go on to the next set of "ball words". We have lots of games and activities to practice our ball words at school.
Have you heard about this? If not, be sure to ask your child!!  

Evan LOVES our science area in the classroom! 
The fish, hermit crabs, frogs, and caterpillars really benefit from all his TLC! 
Evan was our pet caretaker this week---and can easily be considered our little expert in that department. 
His friends have learned that if they have a critter questions---Evan usually knows the answer! 

He brought his cray fish in for us to see!

Here, Gage and Hunter play a game called Monster War! 
Comparing numbers to 120, pairs of students determine which number is larger in the cards they flipped over. Hopefully you have heard some "math talk" at home....greater than, less than, more, less, fewer, in between, before, after.....lots of math vocabulary! 

We are SO LUCKY to have a classroom set of lap top computers at school this year! 
This is new to the school building, and is a great technology upgrade!!
Time is set aside each day for students to get onto Raz-Kids.
Have you tried Raz-Kids at home? 
What a fun way for students to read and grow! 

During our Math Stations, we also introduced Froggy Roll and Cover math game. 
Students work in pairs or a small group to work on addition! 

Destiny enjoys working with pattern blocks! 

Reina and Allison are playing a math game called One More & One Less. 
This game works on addition and subtraction.

Emily is working on a 100's number puzzle! 
She is diligently counting and writing...way to go, Emily! 

More Monster War! 
We just can't get enough of this game! 

Stay tuned....more fun photos and First Grade fun coming soon!!!! 
Thank you for checking in on us!