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Pumpkin book reports are coming along nicely!
Your pumpkin decorating portion is due Oct. 19th.


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Michigan Association for Early Childhood Education!

Mrs. O and I are presenting tomorrow at the MiAEYC conference. Here's a sneak peek into our conference. We hope our fellow educators across the State benefit from our helpful tips and resources for organizing their classrooms!

I've been REALLY busy preparing for this pictures to come a little later about what our students have been up to this week, and our big finale to March is Reading Month!! Check back over Spring Break!! Have a safe, fun, and restful vacation. See you all April 9th!!

~ Keri

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Stuff on the Blog!

Hey everyone! Please note that I have added *NEW* items and pages on our classroom blog! At the top, you will see pages for "Teacher Stuff", "A Blog for Teachers", and "FREEBIES for parents and teachers". You may be particularly interested in the Freebies tab! This is where you will find quality educational games that I have used in the classroom with my students. These are games that I have created and am sharing them with YOU! Each game comes with directions so that you can easily print and use at home with your child. 

Please feel free to share these links with your day care providers as well. They may benefit from using educational materials with your child while they are not in school! Reinforcement at home, school, and in a child care setting gives your child extra opportunities to master certain concepts that are taught at school, therefore increasing their school and Kindegarten readiness success! These games may be just the ticket for summer FUN learning! 

I only have a few items available at this time, but hope to be adding more - especially over the summer. So, continue to check back often! You may also visit my new shop on Teacher's Notebook. That's where the links will take you - and you will find more great items. See the icon to the left of the blog on the main page.