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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President AbraLincoln? Barack O-who?

Respectfully, Mr. President (and former Presidents), our young friends really tried to get your names correct. Really, they did! Here's a few really good attempts:

AbraLincoln (Ethan R.)
Obama! (Allie G.) - "My mom talks about some guy named Obama"
Abaham Lincoln
George Lincoln
............George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama......Ah, there we go! 

We spent a great deal of time on Tuesday just rollin' in the dough. Most students knew that we did not have school on Monday due to a holiday. Some students even knew it was called President's Day. But what exactly is a President, and what are some of their names? 

Allie says that "A President is the guy who makes all the rules so that we know what people should be doing, and what they should NOT be doing!". 

That pretty much sums it up! Nice explanation, Allie.

We continued our discussion by talking about George Washington, our first President, Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President (aka "Honest Abe"---because he always told the truth....and we want to do the same!), and our current President, Barack Obama. We talked about the great big house they live in....the White House! We also talked about how important President's are, and that President's from long ago can still be found on our money. Our students had a great time learning about President's, combined with our sorting objectives, counting objectives, and fine motor work! 

We are working our fine motor muscles to cut out red/white/blue stars for our President's Day necklaces.

We investigated coins - looking for President's, numbers, and letters. Then, we sorted the coins according to type!

We played a piggy bank game for 1 to one correspondence. We rolled a dice, counted the dots, and placed that many pennies on the counting mat. We took turns until someone filled their piggy bank first! 

Looks like Kylee was caught off guard by the paparazzi teacher! Whoops! But look at that sorting tray....good work, friend!

Abby shows off her President's Day necklace! 

Ethan works hard, just like the President of the United States of America! He's writing his name neatly so we can put the polished final product in his student portfolio!