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Pumpkin book reports are coming along nicely!
Your pumpkin decorating portion is due Oct. 19th.


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blog Winners!

Congrats to our blog winners!
Zoe, Kylee, Ethan and Cameron!! 

We are pleased you and your families are staying in contact with our classroom happenings! We are also VERY pleased that we now have 6 families following our blog. I hope more and more will soon join us! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Magnificent Monday!

It's just another magnificent day in preschool! This week, our focus letter is Ss and the /s/ sound as in spider, skeleton, strawberry, spaghetti, Scarlett (one of our afternoon friends), school, and socks! Notice the big spider on your child's cheek today?! Hopefully they were able to come home and relay that Ss is for spider! We also made sparkly silver spider webs...

Please be sure to check them out in the entrance to our classroom if you are able to come into the school! 

We also worked on our 1:1 correspondence with our "Creepy Crawly Spider Counting" activity in small groups. The children were given spider web counting mats with a numeral (and corresponding dots---for some kiddos to use if they are working on mastering number recognition). After the number is identified/dots are counted, students placed a corresponding number of plastic spiders on the mat. Keep working with your child at home on recognizing numerals, counting, connecting a numeral to a quantity/counting out objects up to a set of 10! **This is one of our Creative Curriculum objectives for the year that you will see on your child's report card.

Parents: Please post a comment and share your ideas/activities for counting out loud, number recognition, and counting objects at home. Other parents might like to try your ideas with their children! 

Zoe explores our Super Scary Sand Table! She's searching for specific items by reading the sign! 

Abby uses sponges to paint at the art center!

Kylee buries her friend Shelby in a pile of autumn leaves!! 

Delaney enjoys exploring alphabet knowledge on!
She is using the computer center for the first time this year!

Thank you for being an active participant in your child's education! We are pleased that you are checking our blog frequently!!!