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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Worker Bees!

We continue to have a ton of fun while we learn! I have been blessed with the sweetest class. They are simply delightful each day---full of smiles, laughter, and stories about sweet successes in reading and math are already filling the air!

It sounds like many of you are doing Raz-Kids at home, and your children are LOVING it!! It is awesome that you can utilize this tool at home, and be a part of your child's learning and reading experience. You will see your child grow by leaps and bounds this year! It is a HUGE year of reading growth.

We've been working on a ton of writing already---and I'm excited to share some of your child's work with you at conferences in October. (Stay tuned for more info. about conferences---read the weekly newsletter for important dates!) I can't wait to see what our budding authors/illustrators produce as we work on all of the traits of good writing!

Want to see pictures of your little learners this week? Of course you do!! Here they are!

This is our first caterpillar---our timing was perfect....we came into the classroom one morning, and he had just begun to spin into his chrysalis! A miracle of amazing to see first hand! 
Has your child told you about our caterpillars? We are patiently waiting....we have about 5 of them! 

Here's Stephanie working diligently on her Life Cycle of a Butterfly poster. 
Notice the attention to detail and the time she is spending coloring?! 
We will all work on spending time to do nice, neat work this school year. Your child might often hear me say, "hold your work close to your heart. That's where you keep all your love. It is important to love the work you do, and always do your best so that you can be proud of what you do". 

Damien is working hard also! Notice the "kid spelling" on his poster. 
We are learning how to label our drawings! 

 Here, Nolan is working on a very fun math station called "Whoooo can order numbers?"
Can you see the excitement on Gabe's face?! Too cute! 

Math stations provide opportunities for students to practice what has been taught in math. So much better than worksheets and plain old paper and pencil! During stations students are actively engaged, often up and moving around while they work, and are able to use a variety of materials. 

The game you see here reinforces what we have been doing in math---ordering numbers 1-100.
Students are given work that is at their readiness level and they work to identify a number, write it, and then write the number that comes before, between or after. 

Here is another math station activity called "Fun Fall 10 Frame Practice". 
Destiny is working to count how many pictures are on the 10 frame. 
She will make a 10 frame just like it, write the numeral, tally it, and write a number sentence that matches the 10-frame in front of her. 

SO many skills in one little game!! 


These friends are working hard on yet another one of our math stations called "Write the Room to 120". Again, tailored to students' readiness levels, children practice identifying numbers, and determining what comes before, after, or between---depending on the card they are working on! 

This game is a hit for any first grader for 2 reasons:

  1.  You get to carry a clip board and that automatically qualifies you as important, official, and highly intellectual.
  2. There's no sitting down! They have to HUNT for their cards around the room, and Mrs. Powell is great at making this game a little challenging! They get to walk, talk, AND work! 
Additionally - this game is loved by ME because it is 25 action packed minutes of children walking, talking about MATH, and working all at the same time! What a great combo, don't you think?

Savannah, Mairyn, Emily

And of course, our friends, no matter how scholarly, are still just little people! (Shhh, don't tell them I called them little. I spend countless breaths telling them how big and independent they are!) Between you and me, we know how much play time they still need. Recess and brain breaks are a must! 
Sometimes just hanging out with your friends, and digging in the dirt offer plenty of learning opportunities, too! 

Evelyn said it best today when she said she was excited for recess so she could sit on the monkey bars to rest and just enjoy the view! I almost wanted to crawl up on the monkey bars too....just to see what she sees! 
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With that said, take some time and relax and enjoy a calm moment with your child! 
They work hard ALL day---a little R&R with mom and dad is probably necessary as we have been in full swing for more than 15 days now!