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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chickies - Day 8 of Incubation

We are on day 8 of incubation with our little soon-to-be-chickies! Today we did the "candling" observation where we turn off the lights in the classroom and put a special light underneath the egg to see if the proper growth is occurring - and whether the embryo is viable or not. Here's what the candler looks like.

This is not our photo, but it is exactly what we did! 

Some eggs are easier to see inside than others, but this is typically what we are looking for!

(Insert Oooooooooh and Aaaahhhhhhh Here!)

Every day we check our life cycle eggs to see what our babies look like inside their egg! They are starting to look like chicks now!! Grow little babies, grow! 

We also made a really cute chick art project out of....believe it or not....the children's footprints!! Come and check them out! I hope to have them hanging up by the end of the school day on Friday!! They are too cute!

More great things are happening in our last couple weeks of preschool. Stay tuned to see what we are up to!