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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Story Readers

While this post has nothing to do with the movie 'A Christmas Story', how can you not look at this face and laugh and be reminded of this great classic?! 

In our classroom, every December, I like to invite parents/grandparents/close relatives in to cuddle up next to the Christmas tree with their child and read a classic or fun Christmas/winter story to our class! It has become an annual tradition that our students love each year. You may bring in your own story, or choose one from our shelves in the the classroom! 

AM Story readers are scheduled at 10:00am, and PM story readers are scheduled at 2:00pm Monday-Thursday for the entire month of December. Readers must be scheduled in advance. We appreciate story readings that take 15 minutes or less---otherwise, our little listeners tend to get too wiggly if it takes any longer than that!

Feel free to think of the classics that you may like to share: Rudolph, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, etc. These stories are most recognized by our children as a movie--but did they ever see it written as children's literature?! There are also a lot of short, funny, rhyming stories about Christmas, Santa, or winter themes in general. The options are wide open. 

Our preschoolers make a great audience! They are fun, eager, and welcoming of any reader---it doesn't matter if you've never read to children before, get a little nervous (they can't tell!), or are a more theatrical reader with voices for every character. We just love having guest readers come in and share the spirit of the season and YOUR love of reading!! 

Please e-mail Mrs. Powell or call the classroom to be added to our story reader schedule! And remember...if you sign up, keep it a secret! Each day, we will try to guess who our Christmas Story Reader will be!! 

Happy Holidays!