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Monday, May 7, 2012

End of the Year!

Happy Monday, everyone! I cannot believe that we are down to the last 2 days of preschool. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it---and not because I am excited for the year to end----really, it's more out of nerves. I really do not like saying good-bye to the children at the end of the year. It is so bittersweet. While I know they are well prepared for the following school year and have met all my expectations and beyond, we have grown so close over the course of the year, and I am really going to miss them! I've watched them grow up so much since September!

I never cease to be amazed at how much preschoolers can absorb, learn, change, grow, mature, and achieve over a school year (about 9 months, really)! They are such capable little people, with eager minds, caring hearts, and filled with lots of possibilities and potential. The endless inquiries, explorations, play, work, discoveries, and conversations this school year have led us to much success - both as a whole class, and to each individual child. 

Please know that it has truly been my pleasure to have been a part of your child's first educational experience. I am honored that you entrust your child to me every day, knowing that s/he will come home with valuable tools and resources to be a happy, healthy, successful child and student. It is with your effort as an active participant in your child's education, that we were able to work together all school year to give your child the very best! 

Setting the ground work and laying the foundation for future school success begins in preschool. I feel quite confident that your child is prepared for his/her journey next school year because you cared enough to invest in early childhood - and because we all worked so well together along the way! 

These children are absolutely amazing-----and I have treasured being able to work with them each day!! On Wednesday, we will send our preschoolers off with a farewell graduation that they have earned with all of their hard work this school year!! I am excited to see all of you there----celebrating with Ms. Schneider and I (and all of your adorable children!). 

Until then, take a look at a few pictures of our preschoolers at our lemonade stand last week! They had an absolute blast planning, preparing, learning about, and finally opening up their very own lemonade stand. We served HUNDREDS of cups of lemonade to the entire school! We received many compliments and Thank You's from the other students at Lincoln----they enjoyed our service project as much as we did! 

***Please remember to check back in weekly over the summer for learning ideas that you can easily implement at home in the summer with your child! All of the ideas I post will be play-based, FUN, and will use materials that you can easily find around your house or inexpensively at the Dollar Store or Walmart! ***** Don't forget---leave a comment every once in a while so that I know I have some readers out there! In the blogging world, we say: "Leave me some comment love!"----that way, we know there is an attentive audience who benefits and cares about the blog/posts---ensuring that the author will continue posting great things! :) 

Now----go enjoy some photos!

Have a safe, happy summer vacation!!!!