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Pumpkin book reports are coming along nicely!
Your pumpkin decorating portion is due Oct. 19th.


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meet Trooper House

Meet Trooper House! 

Meet Trooper House! He is a Michigan State Police officer that visits classrooms to teach lessons about safety. Today we learned about 5 BIG safety rules:

1. Never go with strangers. Children should look for an officer or an adult with a name tag/uniform, badge, or another mom with kids if they need help. Those are the people that could be most helpful.
2. Always wear your seat belt. Children this age still need a BOOSTER SEAT, in the back seat of the car, ALL THE TIME!
3. Never put anything in your mouth that can be harmful (bugs, plants, chemicals, cigarettes, etc.)
4. Never touch, play with, or pick up a gun. Tell an adult right away!
5. Never let anyone touch you who scares you, hurts you, or makes you uncomfortable. Bathing suit areas are not to be touched by strangers or anyone else---unless it is a doctor or a parent making sure the child is healthy.

*Helpful hint: If you do not have a booster seat for your child and cannot afford one, the MSP has free ones that can be given to families in need. Until your child is 8 years old or 4'11 inches, s/he MUST be in a booster seat.

We are excited to see what Trooper House has in store for us next time. Stay tuned for more safety lesson updates!!

Sugar Cube Science Experiment

Today we were scientists! The children explored, predicted (made a hypothesis---a really good guess about what could happen), observed, discussed and recorded results. Check out our experiment below!

First, we started with sugar cubes. We had to taste them, because our little friends have never seen a sugar cube before! Then, each scientist had to stack them like a pyramid inside their plastic cup....

Then, we added purple food coloring to a pitcher of water....

 Next, we added a little purple water to the bottom of the cup. It was like magic!! We discovered that the sugar cubes are like a sponge. They absorbed (that's our fancy word for soaked up) the purple water! It went up the sugar cube layers/rows until it reached the top! The scientists recorded the results on their "What Happened" sheet.

Last, we observed what happened when the cubes sat in water for a few minutes. They dissolved (that's our fancy word for melted!)

Please be sure to ask your little scientist about our experiment! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rudolph with your nose so bright...

I love, love, love these reindeer that the children made last week! This is our first big cutting/art project of the year! Our students have become very comfortable with their scissor skills, and are able to tackle more complex tasks! These reindeer sure have stole my heart this Christmas, and I hope that you enjoy them, too! We are going to leave them up for awhile....but soon your child will be able to take them home for you!

Does your child know all of Santa's reindeer and how to sing the song? Now's the time to teach your child those classics that you once loved---and probably still do!