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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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Sheet Painting!

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Children absolutely LOVE painting outdoors!

 Here's a great way to put an old sheet to use, and tend to your little artist.

Materials Needed
1. Tempra Paint (washable paint found in children's art supplies @ Walmart, Michael's, & sometimes Dollar Stores)

2. Old Sheet

3. Spray water bottles (found in the toiletries travel aisle @ Walmart...$1/each) (or try a water gun/super soaker)

4. Water

What to do
Fill the water bottle with 1/2 water and 1/2 (or less) paint. Shake well.

Hang sheet up on a clothesline or over a fence

Children can stand on one side and spray paint anything onto the large canvas!!

Why is this educational?
* Art is a subject matter in education and evokes creativity, imagination, and independent thinking!
* Art tends to the visual and kinesthetic (hands-on) learner
* Outside activitities are more interesting to the naturalist learner (someone who enjoys and learns from nature)
* Color recognition skills
* Science: color mixing
* Fine motor (squeezing the water bottle builds hand/finger muscles) that are important for writing, buttonsing, zipping, pouring, and a multititide of other fine motor and self-help skills!

....AND, it's FUN!

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