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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We've been busy learning and growing!

We've been busy with a lot of great activities lately! Thank you for continuing to check in and see what we've been up to! 

On Monday, the children explored the concepts of sink/float during our science experiment! During free choice, the children have been testing various objects in the water table to see if they sink or float. In the photo below, Corbin is gaining a different perspective---from UNDER the table! While Dayton drops each item in, Corbin confirms whether he saw it sink to the bottom of the table or not! What a surprise when some items thud or bounce off the bottom...this brings on new concepts for Corbin---reflexes!! :) 

HI, Corbin!! We see you under there!  
Go, Kylee, go!! 

In gym class on Wednesday, we practiced kicking a soccer ball. We worked on only using our feet to move the ball, stopping, kicking with our toes or the inside of the foot, and looking forward while running! 

Zoe appears to be a natural!
 We are a couple of months into the school year, and our hard work is paying off! During free choice, our students are becoming more acclimated to each other's company, and engaging in cooperative play---working together is priceless!! Below, Desmond and Ethan D. work together to match fabric letters to the foam ABC floor mat! What you can't hear is the ABC song they are singing! Great team work, boys! 
 In the block area, Allie, Scarlett,  and Ethan R. work together to build a house! In the background, they are using blue prints off of the workbench as a guide. We all know that every good contractor must use a blue print in order to make a successful, long standing structure. Build on, little friends, build on! 


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