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Monday, December 19, 2011

Rudolph with your nose so bright...

I love, love, love these reindeer that the children made last week! This is our first big cutting/art project of the year! Our students have become very comfortable with their scissor skills, and are able to tackle more complex tasks! These reindeer sure have stole my heart this Christmas, and I hope that you enjoy them, too! We are going to leave them up for awhile....but soon your child will be able to take them home for you!

Does your child know all of Santa's reindeer and how to sing the song? Now's the time to teach your child those classics that you once loved---and probably still do!


Cameron's Mom

Cameron tells everyone about his big reindeer he made in class. he is very proud of it.


Awe, that is great!! Cameron was very excited about this project. He did a great job!

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