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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is is really March in Northern Michigan?!

The weather this week has been A-mazing!!! I couldn't help but want to take our classroom, I did! I mean, why not!?! The weather was in the 70's and 80's, the sun was bright, and everyone wanted to be out there anyway.

I think the children enjoyed learning outside as much as I loved teaching outside! Most of the furniture in our classroom is light, on wheels, and fits through our back I just hauled it all out. We are SO VERY LUCKY to be in a newer building, and my classroom has a back door that opens up to our very spacious playground. We certainly utilized all our spaces this week. Check out what we did!! 

Here, Ethan R. is working on 'Write Around the Room'....and he's finding words/letters as close to the outdoors as he can! 

We took music and movement outside! How cool are we to have an electrical outlet right outside our door? Might as well use it! 

Look how focused and on task we are! The children are not a bit distracted---they are so enjoying learning in the great outdoors! 

Have water table on wheels, will travel! 
These friends are fishing for magnetic letters, and looking for numbers on our floating number ducks. 

Clara decides that Free Choice time outdoors might be nice! 
She heads outside to play some ball with a few classmates! 

Some children opted to stay inside for Free Choice.
Another benefit of having two teachers - we can keep an eye on indoor and outdoor activities!

These friends are using manipulatives from the math center to count, sort, and make pictures with pattern blocks! I think Matt might need some shades---the sun is so bright!

This week we've been working on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Zaeanna loves to re-tell the story using the story props in our large group area!

Have sand table on wheels, will travel!
Scoop, dig, bury, build, pour, dump out, talk----lots of discovery going on here! 


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