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Monday, March 5, 2012

Reading ROCKS!

As you know, reading is just AWESOME! We are celebrating March is Reading Month with a school wide theme---"Reading ROCKS!" We have been focusing on the traits of a good reader. In preschool, that means, when a child reads a book, s/he should be looking for letters, numbers, the title, title page, and the parts of the book (front, back, spine, etc.). It also means that children this age can use the pictures to help tell the story. The pictures give clues as to what is happening!

As parents, you can read to your child and help them with the traits of good readers. You can also read to them EVERY day for at least 10-15 minutes. This will help your child with hearing an experienced, fluent reader. In turn, that helps them become a fluent reader! It is also great quality time with your little one!

Whenever you are reading, be sure to point out to your child that you love to read a variety of materials - labels, recipes, brochures, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, E-mails, etc. You are their first model---keep reading, and your child will keep ROCKING!

We are excited about the many activities that your child will be able to participate in each Thursday when you send in your reading log that shows you've been reading at home!! Don't forget to return the reading liogs weekly!!! THANK YOU!



Awesome Rockstar Readers!!!


I agree---they are quite awesome! Thank you to all the moms and Dads for sharing their awesome children with me all year. :)

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