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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our chicks are here, Our chicks are HERE!!!!!!

Okay, so just so ya'll know, this is Mrs. Powell and Ms. Schneider's FAVORITE project of the entire school year. I love so much about our classroom and curriculum----but this is so very fun---it takes the cake! 

Living in an area surrounded by farms, all of our students can relate (and are interested in) all things agriculture. We certainly can attest to that, and take full advantage of the resources at our fingertips----like our very own, Mr. Finstrom! 

If you know Mr. Finstrom, he one of our 3rd grade teachers, and is also a farmer! If you've been to Geers Farm in McBain, you more than likely saw Mr. Finstrom hard at work on his farm.

He kindly brought us a whole pail of fertilized eggs. We are so excited to begin incubating them and hatching them in our classroom! MRS. Finstrom (our Jr. Kindergarten teacher) is just happy her husband is moving some eggs out of their house :) Oh, the life of a teacher and what we do for our students! ;) 

Time to study....we are chick Egg-sperts in the making!
Ms. Schneider reads a non-fiction book about the life cycle of a chick.

It takes about 18-21 days for a chick to hatch. We have a timeline ready to go. Each day we will look at our model chick eggs and see the growth and development, then we hang that picture on our timeline. 

Ms. Schneider is such a proud Mama Hen! She's been warming up the incubator all morning and it is ready for our fine feathered friends! 

Our Egg-sperts are so excited to tell their families---we wrote a letter and colored a picture to remind them to tell everyone all about it! 

Want to see our incubator and eggs? C'mon in after school and chick  check them out! 
Your child can tell you ALL about it! :) 


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