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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome & THANK YOU!

The open house last night was a tremendous success! Almost everyone in our class came to meet me, see the classroom, and reunite with their friends from Kindergarten. I am VERY excited for a fun and productive school year!! In just a few short days, I will begin getting to know your children and the learning process will be in full effect. The amount of growth in children never ceases to amaze me. I hope you will be amazed at your first grader as his/her skills in all academic and social areas grow, grow, GROW!

I cannot THANK YOU enough for all of the school supplies that you brought in. I am truly thankful that we have a plentiful supply of all the basics to keep our classroom learning practical and engaging. It is a load off of my mind when I do not have to worry about how to get basic materials, and frees me up to ensure that I create fun, engaging, creative lessons tailored to your child's interests and needs! 

It looks like we have a very caring, involved group of parents in our classroom - which means that student learning will be at its best. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sending your child with the necessary supplies. I appreciate it more than you can imagine! 

Again, it is my pleasure to be able to work with you and your child. Thank you for welcoming me to my new building, and sharing your child with me in the days to come. Remember, if you are reading this blog, please become a follower on here by clicking "join this site". You can register anonymously if you'd like. In years past, I had a lot of great feedback from grandparents and extended family that followed along to be an involved participant in their grandchild's education. Go ahead and invite them, too! It helps me keep track of the effectiveness of my classroom communication, and how many families are reading about our classroom happenings. Any positive comments are appreciated on any of the blog posts, too! It lets me know that you really enjoyed reading it, or seeing a picture of our learning in action.

When I know I have readers out there, I know it is worth my time invested utilizing amazing technology!! You never have to be a parent that does not know what your child has learned each week! Join me in following your child's first grade journey---it is going to be sweet success for all!!! 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend, and I will see you Sept. 4th! 


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