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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Spy Readers!

Today we spent some time brainstorming all the things that readers read! We were pleased to find so many adults and students at Lincoln school reading a variety of material. We found: 

  •  Mrs. Meyers, our administrative assistant, reading lists
  • Mrs. Murray reading over student work
  • Mr. Hanson, our principal, was reading important information on his computer
  • 4th graders were reading math books
  • Jr. Kindergarten students were reading books about a variety of topics during snack time
  • Mr. Finstrom was reading a catalog/magazine for school supplies
  • Miss Campbell, the music teacher, was reading music
  • Mrs. O's Kindergarteners were reading letters and big alphabet charts

Our classes also brainstormed all the things that people can read for our "What Do Readers Read?" chart. Stop into our classroom later this week to read our charts and all of the great ideas that our students contributed to them! 


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