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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Music & Movement

Our little ones sure like to move around and get the wiggles out!! Ms. Schneider, our Associate Teacher, does a FaNtAsTiC job of giving our friends some quality music and movement time!! Her hard work is truly appreciated as she strives toward engaging the children and teaching concepts through whole body movements that really grasp their attention and have meaning. We aspire to teach to all types of learners - some children are more interested in music than others - and our friends who prefer auditory learning, body-kinesthetic learning, and a chance to move around, really benefit from this part of our day! For others, it's a fun, relaxing, silly experience. If nothing else, the children get a good laugh at their singing, dancing, goofy teachers! 
Here our AM class works on color recognition and turn taking with the Gummy Bear Song! 

This is our snack song that teaches healthy eating habits, and good food/exercise choices. Sign language is included, but this was only our first time with this song! 



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