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Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Kids+1 Classroom+2 Teachers = Fun!

 Maybe you've heard about some recent fun we've been having in our classroom. Maybe you had no idea we have 31 kind, caring, intelligent, little animal rights activists with big hearts. Maybe you'd like to adopt one of their pets from the animal shelter? How can you say no to a face like this?! 
Above, Dr. Abby examines a wild boar that was happened to wander into the animal shelter Monday morning. It doesn't appear to have any injuries, but it could stand to eat a few more fruits and veggies. 

Ethan became employee of the month at the Animal Shelter when he convinced his teacher to buy not one, not two, but six lonely little pets, including this Fido in the picture below! 
Later, Ethan also convinced me to let him check my throat instead of the animals. The conversation went a little something like this: 

Ethan: Mrs. Powell, those animals at the shelter are fussy.
Me: Fussy? Why, what's the matter? 
Ethan: They wouldn't let me look in their throats. They are fussy. Can I look in your throat?
Me: No, I'm not an animal at the shelter. You should give your animals a check up. 
Ethan: Mrs. Powell, they are fussy. How about your throat? 
Me: Okay. But you can't really put that tongue depressor on my tongue. Just pretend and look in my throat. 
Ethan: OK. 
Me: <Ahhhhhh> What can you see? 
Ethan: Yup, that's what I thought. You have fleas! 
Me: Fleas?! What can I do about that? 
Ethan: Swallow 'em into your belly. <walks away>
Me: <thinking that was the best conversation of my day!>

Clarabelle documents important information about the animals. 

More fun....bowling at the special center! This is great for counting pins, adding, subtracting, and gross motor skills. 

Getting into the spooky spirit, some friends like to wear hats while reading! 
It adds to the ambiance! 

Below is one of our learning stations (work) in action! 
These students are working cooperatively to sort the bears by color.
After that, students worked individually to sort them by size (big, medium, small).  

What can you find around your house to sort by color? By size? 
(socks, buttons, beads, pop cans)

PARENTS: post your idea for helping your child sort at home. Other families might like to try your idea, too!  




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