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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Safety!

On Wednesday, our PM students (along with the rest of Lincoln School), were able to learn about Fire Safety with firefighters from the Cadillac Fire Dept. Students learned to Stop, Drop, Roll & to "Stay Low and Go!" We got to see all of the components of a fire truck, and all of the gear that the firefighters wear. Firefighters encouraged the children not to be afraid if they ever saw a firefighter in all of their gear. Eventhough their voices sound very different through a mask, it's really just a friendly person helping with rescue. It is very important not to hide from the rescue team and to answer them when they yell/shout your name!

We encourage all families to share your emergency escape plan with your children. It is important to have a meeting place for your family (near a tree, a mailbox, the neighbors house, etc.) Firefighters ask that your meeting place NOT be in the back yard. They need to easily locate all of the family members when they arrive on scene, and do not want people walking around all over. Please practice your plan of action, and test all of your smoke detectors to ensure proper working order!


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