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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

EDT 521: Media Files

Hi Folks,
I have an assignment for one of my Master's/graduate courses this term....and well, it happens to be about blogging! I have to upload some I will at least try to keep it relevant so that you might enjoy it, and it meets my assignment requirements as well. Thanks for letting me 'kill' two birds with one stone!!
~Mrs. Powell

The Top 10 Signs Of Good Parenting: the title says it all. Here are 10 very simple ways to gauge your parenting. Don't have all 10? Well, it's certainly something to strive for! In our busy lives, it's a good reminder to make sure our focus is on our children - FIRST, and being good models for them along the way! 

While the video below is not preschool related by any means, I just happen to love it! I sure wish I had a video like this to reference when I was trying to learn verb forms in high school Spanish class. Where was Teachertube or YouTube when I was younger?! Better yet, as a current educator, what a FANTASTIC way for students to show content mastery!! So fun, relevant, and meaningful.


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