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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Under Construction!

Our preschool classroom is "under construction" this week and next! We're incorporating many student interests into a construction and transportation unit! It appears as if our boys and girls alike enjoy some new centers! Below, Kylee works at Home Depot. It looks like she is busy cutting some wood with a saw!

Kylee! Where's your hard hat and safety goggles?!

Zaeanna is busy working at the tool bench. It takes great focus and attention to make proper measurements and cuts.

Zoe and Josie enjoy reading in the library area while sitting upon some BIG tires! Our friends are enjoying books about motorcycles, big rigs, cars, trucks, boats, airplanes and more! There are so many ways to "go"!

Lilly digs in at the science/sensory table. There's people, construction vehicles, sand, and blocks.
It's quite the work site!!

Dayton's big truck is hauling some blocks all around our room. It must be delivery day. The contractors will be happy to receive their building materials!

We can even incorporate art into our learning topic. Here, Matthew is painting with monster trucks!
He's driving through the paint and making tire tracks!

Kylee is practicing being a good writer! Here, she is making an uppercase T in the sand tray. Nice writing, friend!

Allie is using a mirror to look at the shape of her mouth while making the /t/ sound!

In honor of letters Tt, the friends are tap, tap, tapping away. They are follwing directions to a multicultural CD that incorporates the use of rhythm sticks.

Ms. Schneider is so good to our friends! She made a construction trail mix, served in nothing other than a hard hat!!!

Abby has built a vehicle out of bristle blocks at the math center!

Scarlett and Allie G. are using their reading skills to read an "I Spy" book, and find objects in the bottles at the ABC Center. Good job reading, girls!

We are also exploring water transportation in the water table! There are so many ways to move on land and water!

Kyra also enjoys the sensory table. There is an endless amount of work to be done! Go, Go, Go!


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