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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roll on into our classroom and see what we've been up to!

At the science area, we experimented with various items to see which ones would roll down the ramp!

I won't deny that the spoon in the basket was not the best choice of materials. I mean, one would think it would be a great non-rolling object. However, one friend thought it would be best used to shovel "snow" (sugar) from the sensory table into his/her little mouth! We've been using the sugar to resemble snow for cars, trucks, plows, and tractors to drive through for nearly two weeks. Apparently, it looked too tempting. Note to teacher: Spoons near sugar is never a good idea unless it's truly meant for eating. *giggle, giggle!*

 Come on in to the Little People Bank! It's a place where everyone is rich, check books are plentiful, and the bankers are oh-so friendly! Need a mortgage? Stop on by! Josie will help you fill out your application. The applications are kept secure with her dear friend, Abby.

We noticed we needed some extra practice with our fine motor coordination - particularly stringing beads. This was a station where children practiced placing the beads on pipe cleaners. Some children sorted them by color, or added how many beads they had on 2 pipe cleaners. Simple materials, endless possibilities! 

Here's our restaurant at Dramatic Play this week! It's been fun reading menus, taking orders and writing them down, making the food, serving it, and deciding who will work at the restaurant, and who will be an employee! Lots of fun and team work happening at this center! We might just keep this an extra week! 

Here at the water table, we are bringing the outdoors, INdoors! It's filled with snow, ice cubes, and plastic penguins and other arctic animals! You could do this in your bathtub or sink at home!! 

Of course, with all the snow this week, we took advantage of playing outside! We found perfect packing snow, and the friends went right to work making snow bricks and building a wall!

We hope you are outside enjoying this snow day we have been granted today!!



I love your posts. Thanks so much for keeping up with this. I truly appreciate knowing what my kiddo does all day!


Thank YOU for reading them! It's nice to know that parents and families enjoy seeing all of the learning taking place in our room - and how much fun we have doing it!

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