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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stages of Writing

Check out the link to the left for "Stages of Children's Writing". You can see where your child is at in the development of writing, and how children typically progress as they learn and grow! Remember, children develop at different rates. In preschool, we actually see all of these stages in some cases!!

Our question today is: How does YOUR child engage in writing activities at home? Let us know, and we will send home a small writing kit to keep your child motivated!


ZoZo's Mom

Zoe loves to make cards! She loves to hide them and then we find surprises all over the house!
She also has a dry erase board book with all her letters & she will trace the letters and then go to the blank page on her book and want to write stories or just write everyone's name in her family.


E loves to write on the bath tub walls with his bath crayons!
He also has a dry erase board that allows him to trace the letters. He wants to "label" almost everything!

A Romey

Ethan R.
He loves writing in his journal and on his chalk board in the play room. He makes up some petty interesting stories.

Cameron's Mom

Cameron likes to make his own books with construction paper and markers, he makes some funny stories to read to his brother at bed time.


Clarabelle likes writing her name wrong and having me figure out what's wrong with it. She also likes writing everyone name in the family!

Elizabeth Becktel

Ashlynn likes helping mom make a grocery list, then reading it to me at the store. She also enjoys creating letters to grandparents.

Theresa Schepers

Mackenzee loves to write - on anything; she is always writing letters making up stories as she goes. She will look at anything with words and say the letters. She loves to make books and will ask how to spell names to write them in her book.

veviel hesling

Madison likes to write on her Etch-a-Sketch. She has notebooks and crayons to practice her writing skills.

Veviel Hesling

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