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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FREE Event - TC Beach Bums!!!

I LOVE taking my family to the Traverse City Beach Bums! If you have not yet taken your children, please do so! I think that you will love this family friendly experience as much as I do! The great thing about this field is that there are no bad seats! The lawn seating is perfect for little ones who need lots of wiggle room!It's a fairly small field, so the seating is great no matter where you are! There is music, entertainment, food, ice cream, refreshments, and much more---not to forget the mascots, Sun Burn & Sun Tan! The bathrooms are easily accessible, and the parking is plenty! They couldn't make it any easier for a family (and I have a large family of 5!) to enjoy a great All-American game outdoors under the stars and bright lights!

Here is a FREE event for your family to attend (as long as you bring a child 0-5 with you!) sponsored by several local early childhood supporters---including the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)---that's US!

I hope to see you there!!
Click HERE for more information!! 
~Mrs. Powell


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