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Friday, May 18, 2012

Top 10 Things To Do with Sidewalk Chalk

When working with children, you know they will learn best if you keep it FUN! No need for so much paper/pencil tasks, dollar store workbooks, or flash cards. B-O-R-I-N-G.....and often not age appropriate. Save paper/pencil tasks for later.....better yet, save them for when your child's teacher chooses to use paper/pencil at school. At home---use fun, inexpensive and/or free resources so that your child will hardly realize how much "work" they are doing!! And, it saves you from being the parent that nags about school work. Fun, upbeat, and just your child's style----that's how learning should happen this summer!!

Here is one of the most simplest and inexpensive ways for summer fun and learning---sidewalk chalk! An oldie, but a goody. This stuff never goes out of style. You can pick it up at the dollar store for a $1, of course....or head to WalMart and get a decent little container full of big chalk for .97 cents! YAY!

Once you have your chalk, you'll need ideas....have them ready! And be willing to let your child add lots of their own ideas, too! Some children may roll their eyes at you and think sidewalk chalk is not fun. If that happens...TRY THIS: just sit down on the sidewalk and start drawing. They will come! Your child wants to spend time with you, and if you are drawing, they will likely join in. So---what review concepts can you do with your child?

1. Write your first (and maybe last) name! Remember to use one capital letter at the beginning only.
2. Write your ABC's---upper and lowercase. Then sing the song.
3. Write your numbers 1-10 (or higher if your child is ready). Then practice counting to 100!
4. Draw shapes. What kinds of pictures can you make out of shapes? A semi-truck with circle wheels, etc.?
5. Write the names of the people in your family. Even your pets!
6. Draw a person from head to toe. Don't forget the body---we don't draw stick people!
7. Play fair, play by the rules, and take turns!
8. Draw & play hopscotch! This is great for number recognition
9. Say It, Write it: Say a word (ie: butterfly) and emphasize the beginning sound. Have your child write the sound they hear. (they should write the letter B or b).
10. I Spy....look around for something in view, and try to draw it! Add details and use more than one color---it makes the picture much more interesting!

Was this idea fun and helpful? Let me know in a comment below!!
Want to be featured on this blog post? Send me a picture of your child engaging in this activity!

Have FUN!



Ethan & Olivia love the chalk! Easter bubby brought them in their baskets! You can also find DIY chalk "recipes" on Pintetest!


I dislike "smart phones and auto correct"!
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That is awesome!! Thanks for following the blog even while school is not in session! Say HI to Ethan for me!!! (And Olivia!)

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